10 Things You Didn’t Know About League of Legends

Riot Games has succeeded in creating not only a game, but also an ecosystem and a lifestyle for League of Legends fans around the world. From the very beginning, the creators of the game wanted to get closer to the fan base and listen to them. More often than not, the end result has been positive, thanks to the feedback.

However, there are a lot of secrets to this game, many dating back to its early years. A lot of it is still unresolved, especially after the multiple lore updates. If you’re a fan of the universe created by Riot Games, we present to you 10 things you didn’t know about League of Legends:

1. Riot Games wanted Achievements

Riot Games wanted to follow the trend of introducing achievements in League of Legends. That’s after the system has been successful in games like World of Warcraft and on consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

They went so far as to even implement the Achievements tab in the old client. Riot Games even experimented with the concept in The War of the Three Sisters event in 2013.

In the end, the feedback from players was predominantly negative and Riot Games turned the achievements system into Missions.

2. Tryndamere and Ash(l)e(y)

Tryndamere’s (the man) wife’s name is Ashley. In the lore, Tryndamere and Ashe marry to bring peace to the Freljord. However, this was not the intention of Tryndamere, co-founder of Riot Games. Tryndamere and Ashe were among the first characters in League of Legends.

The name was inspired by Tryndamere’s real-life wife, but the creative team decided that the 2 characters should be married in the story because they were both from the North.

“So it was fate!“, said Marc Merrill, also known as “Tryndamere”.

3. The footsteps are silent

Sound plays an important role in League of Legends. Every attack, skill or action has an associated sound. However, the footsteps are silent.

But as with any rule, there are exceptions, 2 in our case. These are Kled (mounted) and Warwick (when the passive ability from W is activated). Furthermore, the sound of Warwick’s footsteps I mentioned earlier is different depending on whether he is running on river or ground.

4. Dominate Dominion

Few people remember the Dominion game mode in League of Legends. Even fewer are those who have played the mode and are still active.

However, Riot Games has been a staunch supporter of Dominion. There was a weekly tournament called “Dominate Dominion” with prizes in RP, skins and more, fully supported by Riot Games.

It’s interesting sometimes to look back and see how much this game and its gameplay has evolved.

Crystal Scar, the Dominion map

5. Demon arm Tryndamere

The Demonblade Tryndamere skin and the classic version have the same animations, even though the skin is a legendary one.

Contrary to expectations, no, they didn’t omit this part. On the contrary, the Tryndamere character has been updated with animations from the Demonblade skin.

At first, Tryndamere held his sword relatively normally, slightly on the side. However, when they created this skin, Riot Games decided to implement these animations to all versions of Trynda, as if his arm had merged with his weapon. Now you can`t unsee it.

6. Trademarked “Pentakill”

Riot Games trademarked the word “Pentakill”. Two times. In 2012, the notion of Pentakill as 5 different kills in a short interval was registered.

In 2017, Riot Games registered a new trademark related to the band and associated music.

Unlike Double Kill, Triple Kill and Quadra Kill, Pentakill is a single word, and Riot Games is the only one capable of using it. It is unclear, however, whether a game could use Penta Kill as 2 separate words.

7. What race is Jax?

There is a theory that is becoming increasingly popular that Jax (or Saijax) is actually a desert troll.

Ezreal’s field notes from 3 years ago revealed that desert trolls -might- exist. Since then, many have speculated that Jax is the last or one of the few remaining desert trolls. The fact that he resembles Trundle`s physique and his origin story are the main arguments for this theory.

Since the fall of Icathia, Jax’s hometown, he has vowed to gather capable warriors to help him defeat the Void, the faction that destroyed Icathia.

As a bonus fact, the lamppost Jax uses as a weapon is the last light in Icathia. “Imagine if I had a real weapon.”

8. The parents of the League

Right now, with the addition of Renata Glasc, there are a total of 159 champions. But, there is only one mother – Rek`Sai, even though we don’t ever see any of her offsprings in game. Safe to say there is a lack of motherly figures in League of Legends.

Although there are few, fathers are more present. Azir, Darius, Malphite, Udyr (stepfather, he adopted Sejuani) and Kassadin represent a fatherly figure in Summoner`s Rift – 5 of them in total.

9. Riot yourself

You receive a lot of free skins if you become a Riot employee. Also, you can put `Riot` before your nickname. Additionally, you receive a bunch of free in-game currencies, like RP in League of Legends or VP in Valorant.

Also, you receive every year an allowance to gift to your family and/or friends of around 40.000 RP. That alone is around $400 worth of RP. There is also an allowance of 10.000 VP for Valorant. Riot Games not only gives away virtual stuff. You will be granted a Riot notebook, a headset, a laptop bag, bottle and even a frisbee.

10. Passive income

We all know you also receive gold passively in League of Legends. In Summoners Rift, you don`t start gaining it until 1:50 in game time. For your knowledge, you gain 20,4 gold per 10 seconds. But how much time will it take to get to full build if you rely only on passive income?

A full build requires around 16.000 gold on average. This means it will take roughly 7.900 seconds to gain that amount just by standing still, or around 130 minutes. For reference, the longest professional match ever is just under 100 minutes mark. Needless to say they were all sorted out at that point.

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