Activision Blizzard Reveals a Warcraft Mobile Game

Activision Blizzard has officially unveiled an upcoming, free-to-play Warcraft mobile game for Android and iOS.

Blizzard has just revealed Warcraft Archlight Rumble, their new free-to-play game rooted in the iconic Warcraft world.  The game is described as a cross between an RTS and a tower defense game with gacha elements. Players would be able to collect more than 60 iconic characters, or Minis, as they are called, to assemble their team. The announcement was made following a live stream on May 3.

Associate game director, Adam Kugler described it as a “mobile strategy fast-paced hero collector and villain collector game that has a vast PVE campaign. It also has dungeons and raids and PVP and co-op and everything you’d expect from a Warcraft game from Blizzard.”

Activision Blizzard is clearly aiming for the mobile market, since Diablo Immortal is scheduled to launch in June. It’s also an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the excitement around World of Warcraft’s next expansion. Warcraft Archlight Rumble does not yet have a release date, but gamers may pre-register for the game on Android. In addition, ahead of the game’s release later this year, a closed beta will be accessible “soon” in some territories.

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