Elden Ring: How to Find Lichdragon Fortissax

Elden Ring has a good number of bosses, both mandatory and optional. Given the vastness of the Lands Between, you might be forgiven for missing some of them. Lichdragon Fortissax is an optional boss that is crucial to one of the game’s endings. This guide will explain you how to locate and battle this great optional boss in order to obtain the Age of Duskborn ending.

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Fia and D

The first step in this lengthy questline and search for Fortissax is to arrive in Roundtable Hold. You will be able to do so after speaking with Melania after entering Stormhill. This is just the primary center of Elden Ring, where you may meet a variety of NPCs who can assist you on your journey. Fia, the Deathbed Companion, is one such NPC. She may be found in the chamber next to Hewg, the Blacksmith. Fia will request to hold you, which will result in a minor debuff that reduces your HP. She will, however, grant you an item called Baldachin’s Blessing, which eliminates the debuff and provides poise.

Nonetheless, strive to exhaust her dialogue every time you’re in Roundtable Hold, and your new objective will be to find D. He’s on the road east of Stormhill Shack, past the bridge slightly west of Summonwater Village. D has several options for getting to Roundtable Hold, but this is the fastest. After speaking with him, proceed to Summonwater Village and battle the Tibia Mariner boss. If you vanquish it, you will receive a Deathroot, which you should deliver to D in Roundtable Hold. He will draw a teleporter on your map that will take you to Caelid, right outside the Bestial Sanctum, where you can use the Deathroot to learn skills from Gurranq.

The Dagger and the Cursemark of Death

Following the previous encounters, you should go through the game until you reach the Altus Plateau. You may access there through the Grand Lift of Dectus or the Ravine Veiled Village, where you must defeat Magma Wyrm Makar. Nevertheless, after you’ve reached Altus Plateau, you may return to Roundtable Hold and start a new conversation with Fia. She will request that you bring a Weathered Dagger to someone, but she will not specify who. Talking to D about the dagger suggests that he will return it to its rightful owner.

The next time when you reWhen you return to Roundtable Hold, you will notice that a chamber past the blacksmith has become available. D will be dead inside, with Fia right next to him. When her dialogue is over, she will vanish into the Deeproot Depths. However, it is advised that you have obtained the Cursemark of Death from another questline before entering this region. If you haven’t already done so, follow our guide of Ranni’s Questline.

Deeproot Depths and Fortissax

Once you’ve obtained the Cursemark of Death, travel to Nokron (which is also accessible as part of Ranni’s quest) and proceed to Siofra Aqueduct. Valiant Gargoyle, one of the game’s worst bosses, may be found there, but that’s a topic for another day. After defeating the two bosses, there will be a coffin in the arena. Step inside to be transported to the Deeproot Depths.

Continue through this difficult section normally until you reach a vast lake with a massive body in front of you. You may get to this location by ascending the massive vines that cover the whole area. Once there, you will be attacked by a group of bosses known as “Fia’s Champions.” They are five human bosses who you must defeat in order to speak with Fia again. She is lying alongside the body of Godwyn, the first Demigod to fall, as the Deathbed Companion. When you talk to her, she will ask whether you came to punish her. Simply select the second option, “No, I want to be held.” IMPORTANT: choosing the other option will lock you out of the boss fight and the ending.

Once you select that choice, she will request the Cursemark of Death. Deliver it to her and exhaust her dialogue. You will have to restart the area several times (three times for me, yet it could be more). Fia will then be sleeping, and interacting with her will cause you to travel to Godwyn’s Dream, where Lichdragon Fortissax is hiding. Defeat this formidable foe to complete the questline and get the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, the item that will grant you the Age of Duskborn ending.

Congratulations! You’ve discovered one of the game’s most hidden optional bosses. Have fun on your journeys in the Lands Between!

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