Elden Ring Review – The Pinnacle of Greatness

We finished Elden Ring after more than a week and 80 hours in game. And what an adventure it was. It is our chance to provide our thoughts on the latest From Software game, which has received critical praise throughout the gaming industry. Is it as fantastic as everyone claims? Or is it only hype?

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Elden Ring, like all prior From Software games, creates a tale that is difficult to present to the player. The game takes set in the Lands Between, a war-torn realm devastated by the shattered Elden Ring. The realms are in shambles, with lords and demigods vying for control of little sections and, eventually, pieces of the broken Elden Ring. Here comes the player, a Tarnished, a figure exiled from the Lands Between who wishes to take control and become an Elden Lord. Furthermore, the involvement of renowned author George R.R. Martin, the author behind A Song of Ice and Fire, has resulted in worldbuilding that has never been seen in a game of this level before.

Oh, how you have fallen, general

While the story contains a lot of information, it adheres to the From Software principle by leaving it up to the player to find it. In comparison to games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls, the plot is far easier to grasp. The characters, the NPC questlines, and their connections are all shown to the player through quests, boss fights, and general activities. It’s a step up from the cryptic descriptions of items and limited conversation that left players guessing about what was going on in the world.

However, while being an improvement, it is still a story that most players will overlook. While not everyone enjoys games that spoon-feed them information, cinematic experiences like as God of War or Horizon Forbidden West are regarded more warmly than From Software games. The backstory and complexity of these games are fantastic, but few people will be interested in discovering it. Another significant part of the story that is lacking is the challenge of pursuing questlines. The world is enormous, and there are plenty of fascinating stories to be discovered, yet it is easy to lose sight of them. As a result, we recommend taking notes from time to time in order to complete all of the quests that the game throws at you.


Elden Ring’s crown treasure is the refined formula of From Software combat. It has improved game after game since the debut of Demon’s Souls all those years ago, and it has achieved its pinnacle. Elden Ring’s gameplay is fantastic. It is the most engrossing experience in recent years, from exploring the Lands Between on Torrent, your faithful mount, to defeating hundreds of adversaries. With 10 classes to pick from, each extremely distinct from the others, the player is free to follow their own path. The fighting has taken everything that was excellent in prior games and turned it into flawless confrontations that put the players’ skills to the test. Whether wielding a massive hammer, two katanas, spells, or even a bow, each player has a plethora of ways to define their playstyle and conquer the Lands Between.

That’s a bad dragon

Another feature that distinguishes the game from previous From Software titles is the verticality of the environment. To think that this was accomplished by the use of a mount and a jump button. Isn’t it crazy? Despite this, everything feels immaculate, as if they’ve been doing it for years. Elden Ring is a delight to explore and battle in. Aside from the usual confrontations, the bosses are of exceptional caliber. There has never been a lineup of so different and outstanding bosses in any game as there is in Elden Ring. While many late-game boss encounters do feature repeated enemies with various names, they are nonetheless a thrill to battle.

More significantly, Elden Ring is, without a doubt, the most approachable From Software game to date. Because this is an open-world game, players are constantly given the option of pursuing other activities if they become stuck on a boss or location. As a result, the game is less linear and encourages players to explore and progress at their own pace. Long gone are the days when a boss was regarded as a roadblock. They are now regarded as tests. In terms of gameplay, Elden Ring is one of the most massive and compelling open-world RPGs ever created.


From Software games have never been acclaimed for their graphical quality, and Elden Ring is no exception. While the overall aesthetic and art direction are lovely, the photorealism will not surprise anyone. The textures aren’t as high resolution as in recent games like Horizon Forbidden West, or even older games like The Last of Us II, but the surroundings are always a joy to look upon. The many places in the Lands Between each have their own unique characteristics and splendors that entice the player to take a break and gaze out at the vast landscapes.

Who knew the subterranean could be this beautiful?

On a less positive note, framerates and graphic bugs were prevalent throughout the game. We tested it on both the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4, and we experienced problems on both systems. On the PS5, for example, despite operating in performance mode at 60 FPS, frame drops were common, with the game dipping to 45-50. While for most players, this is not a major issue, while battling a boss, frame drops might spell your demise. The PS4 performed very well, as we seldom observed framerates lower than 30 FPS, which was a welcome surprise for the 8-year-old console.

The PC crowd, on the other hand, had the most issues, but we can’t comment on them because we didn’t test it on an old but trustworthy PC. As a result, Elden Ring disappoints graphically, yet the breathtaking vistas help to balance out the overall experience.


Another important aspect that made games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne stand out in the crowd is the beautiful sound design. Elden Ring quite possibly managed to create the most epic and spectacular soundtrack to date. Boss music, ambient sounds, and dialogue are all masterfully executed in a spectacle of sound. Every aspect of it is implemented flawlessly and creates a grade of immersion rarely found in today’s games.

The silence of the moon

The dialogue, in particular, is outstanding. Each voice actor has managed to convey their passion in every line they utter, and it shows, since this game boasts by far the largest cast of characters in a From Software game. Each character’s tale, as told through dialogue, entices the player to discover more about them and their involvement in the plot. From the jovial Iron Fist Alexander to the intriguing Renna, each character has a soul and a tale to tell, thanks to the excellent work of the game’s voice actors and writers.


If there is one aspect of Elden Ring that will live on in gaming history forever, it is the game’s atmosphere and world. Never before have we witnessed such an enthralling open world as the Lands Between. From the beginning, the world appears huge but empty, yet this statement could not be more incorrect. The world is enticing, inviting you to explore it and learn about its various mysteries and locations. There aren’t as many question marks on the world map as in some Ubisoft games, but it just adds to the intrigue of discovering more about the world. What may be hidden in that valley shown on the map? Could there be a hidden treasure in that part of the forest? The planet itself entices you to explore it, and it never seems like a chore.


Ultimately, From Software may have created the finest open-world in a video game ever. Its captivating and enigmatic nature piques the player’s interest in ways that cannot be defined. Rather of engaging in meaningless tasks in order to get that 100% in the game, Elden Ring encourages you to explore it. To find another another cave, dungeon, castle, NPC, and narrative told. The mystery is constantly present, and despite spending so much time in the Lands Between, we only felt like we scratched the surface. While this may be a concern for some, it just demonstrates that we will have to wait years before we can truly see and grasp all that From Software has hidden in here. That, in and of itself, is a testament to the greatness revealed before our very eyes.


Elden Ring is without a doubt one of the greatest games ever made, and the wait was more than worth it. It is not a flawless game as it has some graphics shortcomings and storytelling that may not appeal to everyone. There may never be a perfect game, but Elden Ring may be the closest we’ve ever come so far. From Software has mastered the Soulsborne formula and created a game that exceeds all expectations. Elden Ring is a true pinnacle of greatness in gaming.

Our criteria at Games Row for rating games are as objective as can be. Of course, reviews are influenced (also) by personal experiences. So our ratings may not meet everyone’s expectations.

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