how to get better at league of legends

How to Get Better at League of Legends

I don’t know if there is a gamer out there that haven’t heard about League of Legends. The game has been around for 13 years already, it’s free-to-play, and created a lifestyle for its fans. In this article, you won’t find boring information about the game. You will find 10 tips on how to get better at League of Legends, especially if you are below Platinum (which is the majority of the player base – OVER 88%).

Riot Games has already created and ecosystem of this game (with Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra and Ruined King: A League of Legends Story). The thing is, they want to do much more. TFT and Wild Rift will also come to consoles in the future. Even more, there are teams that work on a League of Legends MMORPG and fighting game. That being said, let’s jump straight into the tips.

How to get better at League of Legends

  1. Change your abilities to quick cast;
    This is something you can find in the settings tab and can save you so much time. You won’t see the range indicator (or you can quick cast with indicator, but that also takes a fraction of a second) but as long as you approximate and feel the range of your skills, this will save you a lot of the time in the long run.
  2. Mask animations with flash;
    If you cast and flash right away, you will cancel part of your animation of many abilities, thus making them harder to avoid. This is vital for champions like yasuo, Riven, and many more. This can also work in the other way. Target your abilities (like Pantheon stun) and then flash.
  3. Practice CS-ing;
    The laning phase is, for many, just Farming Simulator 2022. Unlike DotA, you cannot deny enemy creeps. The only option is to farm more and punish them with harass if they want to farm. This is especially important if you are ranged and your enemy is melee.
  4. Use shortcuts for abilities;
    I thought this was something that everybody knows, but I once screamed at my friend, that played Karma, “ALT + E”, and he was like “what?”. For short, CTRL + Q/W/E/R lets you put a point in the ability quicker and ALT + Q/W/E/R lets you instantly cast it on yourself. This is time-saving at its finest and can be the difference between a victory or a defeat.
  5. Keep your champion pool small;
    This is valid only if you really want to progress to your desired rank. Do not try new champions in ranked and do not “main” 20 champions. This is simply not possible if you want to achieve something. Learning 2 roles and 2-3 champions for each role is enough. You will know what your champion can do in specific situations and you will focus more on learning the game. League of Legends is a MOBA, not a team deathmatch. So, in order to be successful, you need to master the macro-management of your map and resources.
  6. Use 3rd party apps;
    I personally use Porofessor and it is one of the most useful tools that is approved by Riot. You can see the weaknesses and strengths of your team and your enemy team from the loading screen. Also, Porofessor shows timers on your minimap so you know when will the jungle camps and inhibitors respawn more accurately. Try to check it even after the game, as it shows you what you did correctly and where you could improve. This is not the only tool available, there is also Facecheck, U.GG, and many more, but I can definitely recommend Porofessor as it is the only one that is use frequently.
  7. Splitpush is viable;
    Even though your team may start to flame because you do not group with them, splitpush is viable on many scenarios. Especially as a top laner like Jax or Yorick that can destroy towers. The enemy team will have to throw many resources at you. If you are fed, they HAVE to send 2 people to kill you. This means your team can fight in a 4v3 scenario and contest a Dragon or another tower on bot lane. The thing is that the enemy team MUST come to you, otherwise they risk losing their base.
  8. Don’t waste your level 1;
    The game starts when you can leave the fountain, not when the minions spawn. Ward, protect your jungle or look for plays with your team. There are games that you can win at level 1 just by taking an early lead and demoralizing the enemy team.
  9. Fight around objectives and cooldowns;
    As I said before, this is not a team deathmatch. So many fights in low elo happen just because people love to fight. Instead, try to time abilities with big cooldowns like ultimates, ignites, or flashes and try to fight them when there is something you can gain out of that. Like a free Dragon, Baron, tower, etc. This is not necessarily true in laning phase, when you can gank your teammates so they can gain a level and gold advantage over their opponent.
  10. Have fun.
    Nonetheless, this is a game. Don’t stress too much on climbing the ladder faster. In order to learn this game, it takes time. The most important thing is to enjoy the game and you will become better at it before you even realise it.

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