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May the Force be with you as LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is here! The newest LEGO game promises to be the most ambitious ever, with large, open-world spaces and hundreds of characters. Given that it follows one of the most popular franchises of all time in Star Wars, it is a match made in heaven. However, is LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga a game worthy of your attention, or is it only a a mere LEGO movie franchise game.

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LEGO games have always been known for their comedic reinterpretation of famous franchises. From Harry Potter to Indiana Jones and DC, the games have always appealed to younger audiences. In The Skywalker Saga, we are treated to all the nine episodes of the legendary Star Wars franchise. From the Luke’s humble beginnings on Tatooine in A New Hope, to the Jedi Council from the prequels and Rey’s adventures in the sequels, everything has been translated in a fun and exciting story.

A classic

There is not much to touch upon in the story department. The Skywalker Saga does a great job of transcribing the most important events in a comedic and fun manner. The story will be a hit or miss depending on your experience with Star Wars. However, whether you enjoy simple prop humour, or are a fan of the series, you will enjoy the story of the game.


Without a doubt, the gameplay section of LEGO games is the selling point. From total destruction to collectibles hunting, they are addictive and phenomenal in their own rights. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is no different, as it is definitely one of the largest games and its activities are plenty. Levels exploring the nine episodes, free exploration through the galaxy, co-op extravaganza, there are a lot of things to do in the game.

Aim for the head, Chewie

In contrast to previous LEGO games, The Skywalker Saga adds new, welcomed improvements. The most important would be the open-world environments throughout the game. There are 24 planets in the game, each having a ton of activities to explore. Whether simple studs or Kyber Bricks collecting, or side-missions, each one is densely populated. Another improvement is the addition of skill trees that vary depending on the class of the character. Be it a Hero, Jedi, Sith, or Villain, each class has different abilities that help explore the planets and the levels. They are all very interesting to experiment with and add a ton of variety to the gameplay. Space exploration, as well is very well done, as are space battles.

Unfortunately, the only big criticism that can be attributed to the gameplay is its inconsistency during main levels. Depending on the episode, the levels are very different, from length to quality. The prequel episodes have received the least attention, their levels being unmemorable at best. Advancing through the episodes, it is clear that the original trilogy and the sequels have received a better treatment from the developers. It is a shame, as it takes away from the enjoyment of each adventure and puts more emphasis on the more popular ones.


Even for a LEGO game, The Skywalker Saga looks fantastic. The environments in particular are one of the best from a Star Wars game, and the fidelity to the source material is definitely visible. The shadows and lighting are all very well done, as well. Be it a metropolis planet like Coruscant, or a a forest planet like Kashyyyk, each planet is different and looks splendid. The character models are great as well, yet being LEGO models, there is not much to expect in terms of graphical fidelity.

A more peaceful time

However, the game suffers from severe graphical bugs and glitches. As such, not only once have we been forced to reset a level or even the whole game because we got stuck or a glitch made the game unplayable. From blocked cutscenes to outright crashes, they were too frequent and bad to ignore, and they certainly ruined our experience. We tested the game on the PS5, and the game ran great at 60 FPS, although there were moments where we encountered frame drops. These were not as frequent and could be ignored, however the large number of graphical bugs could not. It is a shame, as we were pleasantly surprised by the graphical quality of the game.


In the sound department, The Skywalker Saga accomplishes exactly what could be expected from a Star Wars game. The soundtrack is phenomenal, taking the best songs from the franchise and seemingly implementing them in the action and atmosphere. The sound effects are also splendid, as each lightsaber and blaster pistol sounds authentic to the films. There is not much to critique in this department, as the game maintains the authentic sound of the franchise, and does so in a grand manner.

Don’t we all?

The dialogue is great as well, as the voice actors have done a great job to deliver them as close to the movie counterparts. Evidently, we can hear Anthony Daniels retaining his role as C-3PO or Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, yet it is admirable that we did not receive a mere port of the lines from the films directly into the game. This gives The Skywalker Saga an original sound, and an excellent one at that.


It is hard to describe a LEGO game atmosphere to a person who has never tried one of them. While they are certainly aimed at younger audiences, there is something there to entertain even us adults. The innocence and unrestricted fun of the games make them great games to enjoy alone or with a friend. Speaking of which, it is an absolute joy to experience it with a friend using couch co-op. From space battles against the Republic, to exploring the planets, it is incredibly fun and addictive to play with a friend and LEGO games have always excelled at their co-op components.

“I can fly anything”

All in all, the atmosphere of The Skywalker Saga is probably one of the best in a Star Wars game to date. The feel of every location, planet, and event is fantastic and it is certainly no small feat to replicate in a game. While some will stop after completing all nine episodes, completionists will have a field trip trying to collect everything the game has to offer. While giving an insane amount of collectibles, they are fun to collect, given the various activities presented in the game. It is a joy to play The Skywalker Saga, and its atmosphere is a phenomenal selling point.


The Skywalker Saga is definitely the best LEGO game ever made, but it could also be considered the best Star Wars game. The respect and love for Star Wars is visible in every pixel of the game and it’s gameplay is a refined LEGO formula that excels in every aspect. Were it not for the frequent and drastic visual bugs and glitches, it could have easily been a contender for game of the year. That could still be true, yet it is quite difficult to overthrow Elden Ring. Nonetheless, Star Wars fans have no excuse not to play it as it is one of the best gaming experiences of the franchise we’ve seen thus far.

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