Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt Review – Hunter Becomes Prey

Join the Bloodhunt in a new battle royale experience in the Vampire the Masquerade universe. Promising a new take on the well-established battle royale genre, Bloodhunt gives us ruthless combat and visceral mechanics. However, is it a new conqueror in the genre, or is it only a passing title?

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Tied into the World of Darkness universe, where vampires appear in plain sight, Bloodhunt sets the scene right of the bat. Set in modern-times Prague, vampire clans are at war with each other following an incident where an event called the Second Convention was disrupted by a faction called the Second Inquisition. Following this event, Prague has been put on lockdown, and now two factions of vampires, Kindred and Anarchs, are fighting each other in desperation, while also being hunted by the Entity, humans seeking to destroy vampires.

Gloomy Prague

Being based in the World of Darkness realm, the narrative is surely intriguing. The effort taken in giving everything context is commendable for a battle royale centered on multiplayer fun. To be sure, the story can only be uncovered by looking through lore entries, for better or worse. These lore entries, on the other hand, cannot be read directly and must be unlocked through certain actions. From discovering items in the game’s primary hub, Elysium, to interacting with individuals from various vampire clans.

Aside than that, there is no plot, which is to be anticipated in a game of this genre. Nonetheless, it’s an intriguing approach, and the worldbuilding is impressive. Overall, people interested in learning more about the setting and the events of the series may always investigate and learn more.


Regardless, the gameplay is the most significant aspect of Bloodhunt. Unlike traditional battle royale games like Fortnite or Apex Legends, Bloodhunt takes a different approach. The number of participants in a match, for example, is much lower than in other games, with roughly 40 people. As a result, the matches are shorter and more frantic. Bloodhunt’s verticality is undoubtedly the most distinctive feature when it comes to fast-paced games. Any class may climb any structure, which provides the combat a more varied feel and makes the confrontations more lethal each time.

Surveying from up top

In the game, the many vampire clans have classes that players may choose from at the start of each match. Despite the fact that there are just nine classes at the present, they provide enough of variety for each playstyle. Each class has its own set of abilities that may aid players gain an advantage in battle, ranging from leaps to healing pools to invulnerability. They aren’t revolutionary, but they do provide a lot of possibilities for defining your playstyle.

The game’s weaponry is quite limited, with the typical suspects on the front page. You have shotguns, assault rifles, SMGs, handguns, and a variety of other weapons. There is nothing new in this category, as each weapon has an unique rarity ranging from common to legendary. The melee weapons, on the other hand, were rather intriguing, especially the katana, which allowed the player to deflect bullets outright.

Another intriguing feature is the capacity to consume human blood from Prague’s regular citizens.  Some people have moods that might give the player an advantage. It’s an interesting mechanism in that they can even offer you additional lives during matches, which are clearly beneficial. When you combine PvP fighting with a few PvE encounters in the form of Entity troops, there’s a lot going on in one match, and Bloodhunt’s general gameplay is solid yet familiar.


The aesthetics of Bloodhunt are precisely what you’d expect from a vampire game. On the streets of Prague, a somber, decaying aura pervades. As a result, the game’s graphic design is nothing out of the ordinary; the only thing that sets it out are the character models. Despite this, the game has a captivating appearance, and the city, from apartment towers to gardens and cathedrals, looks wonderful.

Let the hunt begin

We’ve played it on both the PS5 and the PC, and we haven’t had any graphical issues during our time with it. This is not just surprising, but excellent for a multiplayer game. During matches, the game experienced some lag, however this was due to network issues more than graphical. The visual effects are impressive, especially during abilities, yet it is difficult to notice foes throughout gameplay due to the game’s constant darkness and monotony of colors. Of course, that’s all part of the aesthetic, but it inadvertently makes the game more difficult for new players.


The sound of Bloodhunt is also unremarkable. The music in the game is average, with only a few standout tracks. The sound effects, on the other hand, are great, capturing the mood as well as the violent battle between vampires. The gun noises, as well as the different environmental sounds, are also rather good.

Seems like a tough job

There isn’t much to talk about in terms of dialogue. In Elysium, the primary hub, there are only a few NPCs with whom you may engage, and there isn’t much dialogue. Although the voice acting is mediocre and the lines are unoriginal, there isn’t much to expect in this category because it isn’t the game’s main focus. Nonetheless, Bloodhunt’s sound is decent, not surprising in any area and not overtly horrible. It’s just fine.


There is nothing in Bloodhunt that you haven’t seen or felt in another game, even from this series, in terms of atmosphere. The eerie setting, along with the brutal fights and vampire-themed motifs, is predictable in just about any way. Bloodhunt fails to develop anything unique in terms of gameplay while attempting to set itself apart from previous battle royale games. Every mechanic, with the exception of the vertical navigation through Prague, may be found in other games in the genre.

A safe respite

As a result, the game’s atmosphere is unquestionably its weakest link, as it fails to bring any diversity to the mix. However, the game is still in its early stages, and more modes will be introduced over time, as well as seasonal changes that may alter the game’s atmosphere and “one more match” effect. Bloodhunt is now dull in terms of substance and atmosphere, but it has plenty of chance to improve.


Bloodhunt is a competent battle royale game, but it lacks innovation in a saturated genre. While the game’s fusion of the World of Darkness world with good gameplay is impressive, it isn’t a game that will surprise you in any way. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt, on the other hand, is a solid game that we expect to grow in popularity and player base over time.

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